Connecting Stars is a South African Folk Rock Duo featuring Cheryl and Martin Engel. The group officially formed in 2012 but have been singing and playing on stage and in the studio for over 10 years before that. Cheryl has extensive experience as a studio session singer and Martin was formerly the manager and bass player of rock band tree63 and the owner of Dog Ears Studios and Sesalos Media, a leading South African recording studio and video production company. Acoustic Guitar, Piano and hauntingly beautiful melodies and harmonies form the backbone of the Connecting stars experience intertwined with strains of glockenspiel, ukelele, harmonica and mandolin. Cheryl Engel draws on both painful and joyful life experience to craft poetry that forms the lyrical basis of Connecting stars' memorable songs. Martin and Cheryl's years of musical experience and intuitive interaction make for unforgettable live performances.

This self titled debut release of South African, Folk Rock Duo, Connecting Stars, is a breath of fresh air, blending heartfelt lyrics with memorable melodies and understated, yet moving production. The 12 tracks take the listener on a musical and lyrical journey spanning the lofty highs and crushing lows of love found, lost or betrayed as well as the confusion and helplessness when loved ones die or suffer needlessly. The album opens with the soaringly anthemic "Pieces" that speaks of the broken pieces of two peoples lives coming together to form a beautiful whole and flows effortlessly into the ethereal "Pink Blossoms' that sees the writer reaching beyond this world to a lost lover that she wishes she could see one last time. The album continues to alternate between joy and heartache reaching a fitting climax in the final track with the anguished electric and acoustic slide guitar driven folk rock anthem "Lonely". Track 8, "Trampled" also stands out as a brooding request for absolution from the writer to a lover whose sacrificial love could not be reciprocated. Do yourself a favour and take a listen to this first offering from Connecting Stars, you won't be disappointed.


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